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How To Get A Scuba Diving Certification?


Being able to become a certified diver will involve you to take a diving course, meet its prerequisites and get your scuba diving classes nj. Overall, this will involve a simple swimming test, studying some modules to know what to do, practice this theory in a pool, practice it all over again in an open water and experience a dive that is often 18 meters and passing an end of course examination.


Swimming Test


This is going to vary from one person to the other but in short, you're expected to undertake a short swim and tread water for a little while. For instance, with PADI, requirements are to tread water for 10 minutes and swim for 200 meters. On the other hand, there aren't stipulation as to speed, stoke or whatever. Literally, you simply need to swim for 200 meters somehow and be able to stay afloat for at least 10 minutes.




There are different scuba lessons nj modules that you could study either at a dive center or on holiday. You'll be able to learn how to properly set up diving equipment, what every piece does, the safety procedures, how to clear the regulator and mask underwater, different exit and entry methods and many more. It seems to be complicated at first but with a professional instructor and material that's available to support the program, it will be an exciting and enjoyable experience.


Pool Training


Here, you are going to practice what you've learned from setting up the gear to basics of navigation as well as the safety procedures like sharing air with a buddy. You'll have your first underwater breaths but all of it is done at the shallow pool environment. Know the requirements for scuba diving certification in http://www.ehow.com/facts_5169222_requirements-scuba-diving-certification_.html.


Open Water Training


All exercises that you've carried out in your pool training were only a practice for doing them in open water training. In open water, it can be anything from a quarry, sea or whatever and then, practice mask clearing and so forth all over again. Then after, you are going to undertake 4 series of dives and each one is going to be deeper than the last. After every dive, you'll log the dive and practice to make the needed surface interval calculations.


At the end of every series of your dive, the 4th dive will be around 18 meters so by that, you can get to experience maximum depth in which you're qualified to dive.


The Exam


To finish the course and get your scuba diving certification as well, you have to take and pass an exam which is fairly simple as it is just multiple choice test.